Yoga Classes - Lakeland Florida

Class Descriptions

Community Class ($5)
This is an ideal way to begin your journey as a yoga student by coming to the mat with a ‘beginners mind’. You will experience the many healing tools and styles of yoga and join with your community in this peaceful and spirited way.

Guided Meditation
This class will focus on preparing and practicing various types of meditation such as mindful and concentration. It will end with a peaceful relaxation. This is perfect for those who want to start or resume a meditation practice.

Flow Yoga
This class is a flow (vinyasa) style moving through creative sequences at an intermediate pace. It will integrate many of the principles and sequences from various schools of yoga. It will strengthen your muscles, challenge your balance, but most importantly focus and calm your mind!

Hatha 1
This class creates a strong foundation using the various principles of yoga including centering, breath work, and asana. Whether a beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or working through a physical injury, this is a great way to relax and rejuvenate. It is refreshing and invigorating allowing you to experience the wisdom and grace of your body through creative sequencing of poses and breath work.

Hatha 2
This is a ‘challenging beginner’ version of our Hatha 1. It is still good for beginners who want a bit more challenge.

Prenatal Yoga
A class focused on moms-to-be guiding you through breath work and physical poses that will support you throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Any stage of pregnancy is welcome.

Hot Yoga
This class is based on a sequence of 20-26 poses and breathing exercises practiced in a heated room (100-104 degrees). There will also be some variation of poses so you can get a well-rounded practice.

Hot Yoga Remix
This class is a synergy of many of the postures practiced in the 'Hot Yoga' class but spices it up with creative flows and asanas in a toasty room (90 degrees). Set to funky music, it's the best transition from your week to your weekend!

Yin Yoga
This class is a series of poses held for several minutes in order to stretch beyond muscle and deep into connective tissue & fascia. It is perfect for relieving stiffness, back tension, hip tightness and is an excellent practice for athletes.

Yin/Yang Yoga
This class is a blend of Yin yoga and Hatha/Flow style (Yang) yoga. We will start with an energized (Yang) sequence then transition into a Yin sequence designed to open the deep connective tissues, and then it will end with a deep relaxation to cultivate yogic bliss.

A core-focused flow style class with a blend of yoga, pilates and traditional fitness exercises with the goal of bringing greater awareness, flexibility, and strength to your abs, back, and hips.

Yoga Your Way: Seated & Gentle
Enjoy the benefits of yoga in a gentle, seated class. Perfect for those who are new to yoga, who have mobility or balance issues, or who just want to experience yoga in a relaxed, comfortable position.

Private & Semi-Private
Yoga sessions
Private yoga sessions are $45 for an hour or 5 sessions for $200. Doubles yoga sessions are $60 for an hour or 5 sessions for $260.

Gift Certificates for classes and private sessions available.

Cash, Check are preferred, however, credit cards are accepted.

Yoga Pointe's Buddy Card Bring 5 friends new to YP, Get a class FREE. Pick up your card at the studio. -This offer is extended to people new to Yoga Pointe. -Please present your buddy card to the teacher to be stamped. -Your friend should accompany you to his/her first class. -You are responsible for your Buddy Card.

Class Cost

FIRST TIME to Yoga Pointe

$20 for 7 days of unlimited classes

Single class (75-90 min) $12

Single class (60 min) $10

5 class pack $50

10 class pack $90

20 class pack $170

30-day unlimited class pack $120

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