Local Doctors and Visiting Nurse Services

Posted at 4:35 pm on 12/12/2013 by Visiting Nurse Services

What can Visiting Nurse Services of Central Florida do for you?

  1. Pre Surgery: Nurses and Physical  therapists meet with the doctors to discuss specific car for the patient if needed by the MD
  2. Infusion team available and access to lab draws at home. 
  3. PT/INR Monitoring
  4. Infection control and monitoring of wound by certified wound care RN in the home. 
  5. Access to wound care pictures on a weekly basis
  6. Continuity of care with the same interdisciplinary team. 
  7. Tele-monitoring for high risk patients which include EKG in the home
  8. Access to MD portal to access patient's plan of care and information
  9. Patients who visit  our website can have a direct link to your website if they need an orthopedic doctor. 
  10. We are a member of the Sumter and Marion County Chamber of Commerce. Patients who visit our website will have a link to your website as well.
  11. CHF, Diabetic, Respiratory programs specific to patients who have these underlying conditions. 

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