Who Am I Right Now?

We all have something precious to add to the world – 
no-one else has the same abilities or capabilities as you. 
You are UNIQUE .. You are needed. 


Who Am I?  According to Dr Wayne W Dyer:

‘I’m a unique portion of the essence of God. I originated in-Spirit, yet I’ve forgotten this fundamental truth.’  http://www.drwaynedyer.com/wayne-dyer-quotes/

1. What makes You unique? 

Check out our links to see information and videos we gathered, and what's relevant to you.

2.  Have you wondered why:

  • you think and act as you do, 
  • you attract certain experiences time and time again, 
  • your life shows a specific pattern of events - disastrous or successful
  • a specific health weakness afflicts you? 

According to the Kabalarian Philosophy, the reason can be found in the qualities of your name. 

Check out their free Name Birth Date Report at  kabalarians.com

You'll have some great insights from the report!

3.  Explore this question from Matt Kahn 

'Who do you become when you don't get your own way?'

This is where you get a little closer to the truth of who you are, an awareness, noticing your responses and actions in different situations, moving to a higher degree of understanding and self truth.

Matt also has a wonderful video to help prepare you for your next steps - called 'Feel Good Now'. It's lengthy, yet worth it - we speed it up! We hope you enjoy it.

4. What's My True Direction - What are My Next Steps?

  • Are you seeking peace, calm and clarity?
  • Want to know more about Your life purpose?
  • Do you know your top 5 passions and how to live them?
  • How about turning your passions into really positive cash flow?

Check out our resources, so that YOU can develop your gifts and use them for yourself, others, and for true quality of life through true self help.

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