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Let's have some fun! One of the types of movement that has been a love of Belahe throughout her life is yoga. She believes it's so important to work on strengthening the core of the body. 

Preferring movement to 'exercise', Belahe has partnered with Jen at to bring you a wonderful way to keep moving your body in the comfort of your own home. Yoga on your terms, in your space, with all the benefits of professional studio instruction. This enables you to fit regular yoga practice into your busy schedule, so you have quality yoga instruction - whenever and wherever you roll out your mat.

Instructor Jen Hoffman crafts unique content for her virtual students with yoga classes designed to improve physical, mental and emotional wellness, helping upgrade your energies. The lessons of yoga - of intentional living from the heart, mind, body and spirit - are the core of every class - and at the core of our Mission.

There is something for every level of student with 4 types of classes which can be combined and customized to fit any schedule. No props? No problem - choose a part of your body to focus on, and take a 2-minute mini yoga break anywhere, any time! 

You can check out the poses:
by type:
  • pose by pose practices - step-by-step instruction in a single pose
  • mini breaks - 2-minute focus
  • 3-pose shorts - based on your needs today
  • multi-class series - full length yoga classes including relaxation
by purpose:
  • orientation
  • movement vs exercise
  • healthy alignment
  • all day muscle strengthening
  • coaching and challenge program
  • workshop series
  • healthy knees course
  • healthy moving jump start course
  • healthy pelvic floor course
  • healthy core course
Have fun and feel well! Here is the link again to check out this great facility - click here



Really! It works! It's an energy 'healing' method called 'Mind Field Repatterning'. Whether you are  interested in holistic and energy work for yourself and your family,  in a healing practice and want to expand your repertoire, this is simple to learn and effective at really getting to the core of issues quickly and releasing them completely.  

Introduced to this technique a number of years ago, it really changed my life - it enabled me to get in touch with my own inner resources to find answers, use a structured way of working to move through what sometimes felt like molasses, to get to the root of an issue and resolve it. It enabled me to be hone my skills as a Multi-Dimensional energy worker and to have a confidence in my abilities and the spiritual support that is always with me. 

For anyone who truly desires to improve their lives and is open to new ideas,  David and Erina  Cowan, authors of 'Dowsing Beyond Duality' teach two full weekend's worth of valuable information and practical skills which will empower and enrich your life - giving you answers to questions you've always wished to ask .. really moving you beyond 'stuck' and into flow. 

Think about the value of this program for yourselves, your clients and loved ones. You can visit their website here.

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Gold is currency and is accepted in 194 countries. It has been widely used throughout the world as money, for efficient indirect exchange (versus barter), and to store wealth in hoards. For exchange purposes, mints produce standardized gold bullion coinsbars and other units of fixed weight and purity.

After World War II gold was replaced by a system of nominally convertible currencies related by fixed exchange rates following the Bretton Woods systemGold standards and the direct convertibility of currencies to gold have been abandoned by world governments, led in 1971 by the United States' refusal to redeem its dollars in gold. Fiat currency now fills most monetary roles.  Printed paper money has no value. Have you looked into buying small quantities for your security?

Here are top reasons to buy gold:

1. Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform
2. Gold bars are global cash
3. Gold is in crisis times, a stable investment
4. Gold is and will remain unimpaired, as the limited resources are not reproducible
5. Global demand for gold is higher than supply
6. The purchase and sale of investment gold is exempt from VAT

Thus, gold may be part of the security you are seeking for you and your family, as capital protection.

There's a great overview on a novel way to hold gold securely at home. Check out this short video presentation. Click  here