Ready to Transform with Your UNIQUE Super Foods?

In Your Complimentary Session you will learn the benefits of having foods chosen specifically for YOUR health, and how partnering with Isabell can help you integrate Your UNIQUE foods gracefully into your life

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How Do I Benefit?

  • A UNIQUE Profile just for you
  • You know what to eat
  • You know what to buy
  • Clearer mind
  • Freer spirit
  • Enhances your energy and well being
  • Better-functioning body
  • Support for transformation

You have an unique vibrational signature in the world. Isabell matches this with foods and drinks that most benefit your total wellbeing, using Advanced Dowsing Mind Field Re-patterning techniques.

You will love learning about your very own UNIQUE Super Foods, how they enhance your energy, and help you gracefully deal with changes in your personal and business life. 

This is unique to you. No other person will have the same Super Foods.

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Your UNIQUE Food Profile Program supports You for 21 days and includes: 

  1. Your complementary session - to discuss your main issues
  2. Your UNIQUE Food Profile - which is prepared from hundreds of items using Mind Field Repatterning techniques. It gives you vital information on Your 'Super' Foods/drinks 
  3. Energetic support with Bach Flower Essences to help you transition to your new eating habits 
  4. 20-minute progress check-ins at the end of weeks 1 and 2 
  5. 30-minute session to discuss follow up plans at the end of week 3**

    **One-on-one transformational coaching or mentoring opportunities available at this time**

Book an appointment with Adaptavant at Ascendas using SetMore

Proceeds from Isabell's work go to Ministry funds for global projects in line with the 
Mission and Vision
. You may learn more about Isabell's background and extensive professional experience here.

What Others are Saying .

UNIQUE Food Profile

Food. Food. Food. Oh my gosh, was I in a quandary when trying to figure out through trial and error on my own, which foods my body liked and which foods were causing me problems. I knew food was an issue, but just wasn’t making progress on my own, and I had been ‘playing’ with food elimination for years.

And then came Isabell, and my world changed. The first day of using the list of foods dowsed for me as being the highest vibrational food for my body, and I felt different. I felt lighter, clearer, and slightly more energetic. Just on the first day of choosing foods on my ‘master list’. I was very, very happy that the validation of the correct foods for my body came so soon.

I never would have guessed that the foods that were not on my list were the foods giving me issues. I thought potatoes and rice just had to be a ‘safe’ food for me. But, since they were not on my list, I quit eating them and I absolutely noticed a difference in my body.

I have been using the high vibrational food list as a guide when making food decisions. I try to only choose those foods that my body will flourish with. I don’t feel like Isabell’s list for me was a list that made me feel like I was missing anything. When working before with food eliminations, I always felt I was missing something, or that if I ate ‘this or that’ I would pay the price later. But honestly with Isabell’s list of foods for me, it gave me so many choices that I didn’t feel I sacrificed by choosing foods on my list.

It has been approximately two months since I started choosing foods from my list. I have continued to move forward, to become clearer and clearer and my energy level has been on the upswing since the first day.

Isabell’s work is amazing, I would not be in the physical place I am today without her taking the time to find those foods for me that would raise my vibrations and raise my quality of life. For that I will be eternally grateful.  JH - Holistic Health Practitioner


I began working with Isabell on the food resonance journey about a month ago.   

While not having been diagnosed with any specific medical condition,  I had (past tense) a host of ongoing symptoms that interfered with all aspects of life.  My body felt heavy, tight and dense.  I was unable to move with any fluidity.  I had shoulder, lower back and knee pain.  I was unable to bend over to pick something up unless I hung onto something to pull myself upright.  I had frequent heartburn and quite a bit of gas. Mentally,  it was hard to think,  make choices and prioritize. Emotionally,  I was disheartened since every day was a struggle. 

When presented with the list of foods specific to me,  it was divided into categories that were of high resonance,  acceptable resonance and no resonance.  I found I had more than enough choices in the high resonance category although there were a few favorite foods,  eggs being one,  that weren't listed anywhere for me.  

My results really began to be felt within 48-72 hours.  Symptoms dissipated painlessly.  I had no sense of hunger nor cravings.  I continue to use the food plan as a basis for menu planning today. 

Isabell was available and supportive throughout the process.  She scheduled check in calls to monitor how I was doing.  She is highly knowledgeable and her guidance is individualized, gentle and precise. DB - BS, RN-BC


Live, Interactive Presentations on Bach Flower Essences

Isabell is always upbeat and positive in her teaching style. She teaches from a place of love for us and passion for what she is teaching about– JW
Isabell offers helpful insights into the vibrational properties of the flower essences to pinpoint which to choose, she is very knowledgeable on Bach essences and shares her wisdom in a delightful way– DJ
It's an honor learning from Isabell, who is a healer who took her instruction from the Bach Centre in England. Her passion and knowledge is a blessing to me– MJS
Isabell presents so straightforward and explains very well. Also, it's wonderful the way she makes learning easy – wonderful, wonderful– JH
Isabell shares a wealth of knowledge and keen insight in her classes. The information shared is very practical and useful. We have already experienced breakthroughs. Thank you so much!– VJ
Isabell's classes are knowledgeable and delightful. I've learned so much at each class!– ST
Isabell presented a great class on Bach Flower essences – it was my first exposure. It was very informative and a must-have for all.– DI

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