What's In Your Name?

Posted at 10:57 pm on 11/08/2015 by kabalarians.com
Have you wondered why you think and act as you do, why you attract certain experiences time and time again, why your life shows a specific pattern of events—disastrous or successful, or why a specific health weakness afflicts you? The reason can be found in the qualities of your name.

The most important part of you is the invisible energy of mind, which is responsible for your personality; for the balance and coordination of the body, your degree of stability, your habits, desires, strengths, weaknesses, and the state of your health. Your mind determines everything about you. What then creates your mind? When asked, “Who are you?” do you not reply with your name? You do not answer to your friend’s name or your sister’s or brother’s. You respond only to your name. Your name and your mind are one. The correct answer to "What's in your name?" is "everything!" and to be specific and personal, the answer is "you".


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