What is Spirit?

Posted at 11:33 am on 07/09/2015

‘Spirit doesn’t dwell on the impossibility of anything – that is, it doesn’t focus on not being able to create, on things not working out, on expecting the worst, or on being stuck in place.’

Dr Wayne W Dyer – Inspiration – http://www.drwaynedyer.com/wayne-dyer-quotes/

Charles Lawrence, elder of Dance For All People, http://danceforallpeople.com tells us that so many of us walk in this world half-present in our bodies. So many of us have been frightened half out of our wits by fear, and by those finger-pointers who have tried to domesticate us. We have all been trafficked by religion. Those that know Charles are aware that he is an advocate for being spirited, for being radically alive. Being radically alive means being truly vulnerable to be open to the Mystery.

Charles invites us to address bio-intelligence that is Life, to examine how present we are to “What Is”. He says that we must be present with the breath to allow something new to happen, something that is beyond even our imagination. This attention to how energy moves, Charles says, is how the elders were informed. He notes that there are too many spiritual anorexics in the world!

Charles goes on to say that we have been viewing the world with tainted lenses for far too long, passed down through cultures and family stories. We continue to drag the old-bones and being proud of the gold stars of our woundings. But in the spirit of being radically alive we can wash our eyes to see clearly once again, so that we have a new way of seeing life.

Recorded live in October 2011 at the opening ceremonies of the New York Dance For All People.


The English word spirit (from Latin spiritus “breath“) has many differing meanings and connotations, most of them relating to a non-corporeal substance contrasted with the material body. The word spirit is often used metaphysically to refer to the consciousness or personality.        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit

Our 4 “bodies”, the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, operate as one interpenetrating and co-operative system.What affects one body effects the others, and being aware of how this happens will help a great deal in achieving a natural balance.

This explains why the root causes of physical health problems are not things like viruses but the misuse of our spiritual, mental and emotional energies (negative karma). On the physical level, viruses and germs, which are in and around us all the time, even in healthy people, are still not the real cause. Lack of proper nutrition and exercise weakens our bodies to be immune to them.

What affects one body effects the others. This is due to the existence of the aura, energy around every living thing.

Kirlian photography has helped greatly in this process, indicating the changing state of the subtle energy field around us as we change our thoughts and feelings. Some even claim it can be used to identify disease in these bodies before it manifests in the physical.

If so, it is because the energy of which our bodies are made cycles from the spiritual to the mental, to the emotional and eventually into the physical. Whatever “dis-ease” we allow to become a habit in our thoughts and feelings will eventually manifest as some form of disease or disorder in our physical health.

If we choose anger, hatred, fear etc., that pure energy that flows into our auras continually from our Real Self is negatively qualified and out of harmony with God, which lowers our vibration level. It causes blockages in the flow of energy around our energy field or aura, and slows down the rate of spin of our chakras. These are energy centers that distribute energy to our four lower bodies.

The result is a stagnation of flow of energy within us, which causes things like mental density and emotional problems. It also blocks the flow along the energy meridians that take vital life force (or “chi” or “prana”) to our organs and cells, eventually causing sickness and disease.

There is abundant evidence from research by people like Dr. Bernard Jensen that hatred and other negative thoughts and feelings actually create acids and toxins that burden the physical body.

Likewise, if we abuse our physical body by poor diet and exercise, it becomes much easier to give in to old patterns of undesirable thoughts and feelings. So it is important to realize that our 4 “bodies” operate as a complex and intricate holistic system as a vehicle for our soul’s experience, and we need to treat them as such.’

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