Take a Break!

Posted at 11:36 am on 07/09/2015 by Bella Parcell

Is “Having a Bad Day’ a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Why not take cues from your life and body – TAKE A BREAK!

If you feel ill, it may be because you are out of balance with work vs home life, or not enough sleep.

If feeling annoyed for no reason, then consider changing your environment, or tackle a different project, or be more direct.

If it feels like a bad day, its an indication of a need to take a mental health day, afternoon, or hour and give up work and chores for a short amount of time and just set out to relax or have fun.

However, here are just a few of the issues we are going to check into a that may be affecting your quality of life:
  • anxiety
  • poor food choices
  • not ‘being you’
  • self-esteem/self confidence

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