How to Develop Positive Thinking

Posted at 11:42 am on 07/09/2015 by Bella Parcell

Is it possible to be positive at all times? Probably not! However, even the most negative thinker can turn into someone with some positivity. It is a matter of having the willingness to transform yourself.

We all have the power to control our own attitudes – to determine how we choose to see life. Using this power to be positive can result in good things as we see from this video:

Developing the habit of positive thinking is a process that you need to regularly form and manifest in order to develop a habit, a pattern that you consistently do. Start to recreate your thinking patterns with these simple tips.

Avoid the Use of Negative Words and Terms

Consider words such as never, can’t, don’t, and the destructive adjectives you use when describing yourself or a situation.

Modeling after a Positive Individual

Think of someone you know who has a very positive outlook on life, maybe your partner, officemate, mentor, boss, friend, or a successful individual. Take this person as your model in developing your positivity. Learn his or her ways of manifesting positive thinking and apply it on your own  – molding your thinking patterns as well as your actions.

Be More Proactive, Not Reactive

By being proactive – think of the brighter side of a negative or a challenging situation. This is what optimists generally do. They also consider alternatives, or what can be done, rather than dwelling on what cannot be done. That way, you are shifting your mindset to a more positive outlook and you are teaching yourself a winning mindset.

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