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Posted at 11:52 am on 07/09/2015 by Nicko Everett

‘Niko Everett would like to introduce you to someone she thinks you should know-YOU! As the founder of Girls for Change, Niko has helped many young teens transform their communities and themselves by holding up a powerful mirror. In this engaging talk, Niko will demonstrate how anyone – from boys and girls to grown men and women – can get a glimpse into their own transformational looking glass too. Inspirational and empowering.’ 
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Self-esteem is the fuel that gets someone going, enables pro-activity, initiative, motivation to move forward. When a person is physically, emotionally or mentally incapable of performing something, his or her self-esteem will enable that person to make things happen.

A person with low self-esteem, however, may not be physically, mentally or emotionally weak, but inherent self-esteem issues will hamper productivity and action.

How to Increase Your Self-Esteem

If you are lacking in self esteem, you can do something about it. Everyone has a potential to shine, yet some people are only able to achieve a certain level of success because of their low self-esteem. They are hindered by their own ability to accept who they are, and this is detrimental them.

Here are some suggestions to help improve self esteem:

Have respect on yourself. When you respect yourself, you will not allow anyone to belittle or abuse you. You will regard yourself highly and will accept and believe that you deserve something more, something great.
Be grateful for what you have. Some people love to focus on the things they lack. Learn to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have. Today is all there is – enjoy it!


There are so many ways for you to boost your self-esteem so that you can accomplish so much more for yourself. One very effective method is to use self affirmations. These are select words or phrases that you repeat to yourself, usually in the morning when you wake up, to be able to program it in your mind. People believe that by repetition, you can condition your mind to think in a certain way:

When you affirm your confidence, you will learn to be more courageous and stop putting yourself down.
When you affirm strength, you are willing yourself to push beyond your limit and making yourself believe in your ability to do more than is expected of you.
When you affirm greatness, you believe that you are a star, and eventually become one.

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