Americans Celebrate 'end of bank cartel'

Posted at 7:28 pm on 08/20/2015 by Tom Dyson, Palm Beach Research

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From Bill Bonner's Diary
Thanks to this California company’s invention, any bank that pays you less than 10% interest could soon be obsolete.
I know it’s hard to believe any account could pay double-digit yields today. But with $125 million in backing from Google, this company has found a way to break the "bank cartel" established by the Federal Reserve in 1913.
It’s big news for anyone approaching retirement...
Because for the first time in 102 years, it’s now possible to get a "free market" interest rate.  And that’s currently about 50x more than you’d get from a normal savings account.
The New York Times says, "tens of thousands of investors have benefited..."
If you are concerned about having enough safe income in the coming years, you need to follow this development.
Tom Dyson
Publisher, Palm Beach Research Group

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