About Isabell

Why True Self Help? Why Isabell?

Born in Durham, England, Isabell followed a dream in 1996. She was shown that, as a long-time energy coach and consultant, serving many clients, there was work for her to do in the United States. 

This was a heart-breaking time, as it meant leaving her beloved family, friends, home and country, so was a very tough decision, yet she arrived with 2 suitcases in Phoenix, Arizona in early 1997, knowing no-one, to follow that guidance.

There followed many adventures as she learned about, and lived in, an RV, travelled the western states, teaching; and had a successful practice, coaching and consulting, using cutting edge technologies

Her journey has brought her to a beautiful spot on Palomar Mountain in Southern California. She is married to her Luiseno American Indian husband, Robin, lives on the Reservation, has wonderful families in the US and UK with 3 adorable grandchildren.

Isabell has enjoyed volunteer work, furthering the cause of women and children, encouraging people to be the best that they can be: 

With a B.Ed. majoring in Psychology, Food and Nutrition; Teaching Certificate and an MA in Human Resource Management, Isabell has enjoyed careers in teaching, training, management. 

Running parallel to this, her interest in psychology, healing and self-healing has led Isabell to Certification in many alternative modalities.

This background has enabled a foundation from which to grow her intuitive abilities - a path she wishes to share with others by providing resources she has personally found helpful or insightful. We hope you enjoy these resources.

Feel free to check out our content and if you have any questions at all contact us.

Wishing you the very best in your quest for your True Self.

Be The Best That You Can Be!
Isabell Parcelle