About: Time4Service

Barry Jacobs M.A. L.P.C.E.

Sometimes doors open and you are invited into a world that challenges your imagination, your perspective and your ideas.  I have had several of these doors open in the past and every time the opportunity presents a new dynamic for change and growth. 

After my first responder career ended and I transitioned towards working behind the scenes, I found myself walking through a door that has the potential to positively affect every first responder and their families for years to come.

Throughout my career as an EMT, a
paramedic, a firefighter and a first responder,
I witnessed the
personal struggles and sacrifices first responders and their families
make as they provide their utmost to the people they serve.  I watched good men and women, who dedicated their lives to excelling at working on the street, struggle.  Without
question, these men and women bore the worst that the street can throw
and many paid a steep price as they continued to serve. 

My goal is to open doors and to affect positive change in the lives of these first responders who contribute so much and to provide tools for recovery and resiliency

Please join me on this journey through a new door that will change everything...

Barry Jacobs

  • 28 years volunteer and professional firefighter/paramedic.
  • 25 years experience Critical Incident Stress Management.
  • Masters Degree Professional Counseling.
  • Professional Trainer.

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