FSU Students hold pilanthropy event honoring Alex McDonald

Posted at 7:44 pm on 10/12/2014 by Tyler Bobbitt


The Alex McDonald foundation has been working closely with student organizations to keep the legacy of Alex McDonald strong. Starting October 20th, students at Florida State University will be participating in an event honoring Alex McDonald aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of drunk driving. Conceived by the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Tico Machado, SAE’s internal philanthropy chair, the event will include five days of having brothers consecutively sit on the decorated king of the jungle pictured above to raise money and awareness in the name of a brother who lost his life because of a drunk driver.

“The man bled for us,” said Tico Machado, SAE’s internal philanthropy chair. “The amount of time he spent on trying to make everything work. If you see the positions he held, it was everything. He would help with philanthropy, athletics, government. He tried to bring everyone together and he showed us how we can all work together and be the best we could be.”

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The mission of The Alex McDonald Foundation is to provide young adults the opportunity to further enrich their lives through education while carrying on Alex McDonald’s legacy. We aim to serve the community in both man-hours and monetary donations to worthy organizations involved with young adults.

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