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Software development with multiple locations across multiple timezones is a reality for many companies. The core processes for building a world class team, allowing them to work together such that innovation, time-to-market, and quality are maximized is non-trivial. Many companies struggle with this problem. SCS provides consulting services which does an assessment and correction process for software organizations which want to operation at a world-class level.

Dr. Razdan has managed large software teams operating over four continents. Working with his team, Dr. Razdan drove innovative changes in process and infrastructure which significantly raised the productivity of the organization.  His work was recognized by IBM at one of the Rational conferences.

Dr. Razdan consults with large software teams to diagnostics ineffiencies and build procedures to optimize them in a structured manner.
Documents Attached to World Class Software Development:
Empirical Results from the Transformation of a Large Commercial Technical Computing Environment
ESEM: Software Team Transformation Example