Qualcomm’s WiPower technology Starting to Gain Traction

Posted at 5:34 am on 08/18/2013 by Rahul Razdan

Recently, Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) and Qualcomm  announced a collaboration on the development of an IC for consumer electronics devices based on Qualcomm’s WiPower Technology (Read more: http://evertiq.com/news/28787). This news adds to the momentum for Qualcomm's technology in the marketplace. Over the last few months, Qualcomm's technology has been in the news on several occasions:  

Overall, the first generation of technologies in wireless power have run their course. These technologies exemplified by the Qi Standard provided wireless power, but with very restrictive space constraints. The Qualcomm technology expands the degrees of freedom quite significantly, so it is not surprising to see that technology gain design wins.  With this next-generation technology, one would also expect to see an expansion of applications.  Currently, the applications are largely limited to the charging of smart phones in various environments (office, auto, home).  However, in the near future, the range of applications is likely to expand significantly:

  • Broader range of consumer devices (laptops, tablets, watches, etc)

  • Building and Construction:  A valuable tool in the building trade. Wouldn't it be nice to provide power somewhere without the need to drill holes. Especially for temporary situations such as events.

  • Electric Vehicles:  Golf Carts, Cars, etc

Update:   Qualcomm releases smartwatch with WiPower Technology:  http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20130904-909638.html


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