Sports Medicine

​As equine sports medicine specialists, our goal is to maintain and perfect performance in athletic competition.

• • •

To be competitive one must have good horsemanship skills, the right training program and, of course, an exceptional horse!

The needs of horse owners and competitors today has placed great demands on the abilities of veterinarians to assist them in their goals for having healthy, reliable competition horses. 

Many horse owners seek out advice from numerous sources in order to get answers to all of their questions. Gone are the days when a single veterinarian can and did meet all of the needs for all horse owners and this has evolved into multiple veterinarians being involved with the same horses, not only at the same farm, but especially as these athletes travel for competition. 

Specialists in practice have emerged, emphasizing particular areas of equine care. 

Meeting the needs of these horses, in order to best care for their athletic needs, is the goal of Synergy Equine Solutions.