PowerFlex Bandage

  • PowerFlex Bandages offer superior strength and performance with abrasion and wear resistance up to five times that of any other support bandage. Provides dense protective padding that is soft, lightweight, and comfortable. For use with horses, dogs, and most other animals. 

    Favorite Features

    Maintains consistent compression 
    Will not tighten after application
    Unrolls and wraps easily with excellent cohesion (adheres strongly only to itself, does not stick to skin or hair)
    Flexible and conforming to most difficult body shapes and contours
    Unaffected by water- once applied will not loosen or tighten, even when wet
    Easy to cut or tear by hand to any length
    When used with horses, PowerFlex Bandages provide the best support for tendons and ligaments, can be used as a hoof wrap, and can be re-used as a morning workout bandage.