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Synergy Equine Solutions

At Synergy Equine Solutions, our goal is to provide the highest level diagnostic capabilities available to the horse owner today. To achieve this we strive to keep abreast of all new developments and advancements in medicine, surgery and technology that relate to performance horses, so that we can bring these advances to work for our clients.

Our Services:

Our Mission Statement

To provide referral level lameness and sports performance services in a convenient and informative fashion.

In order to best resolve a lameness or sports performance issue, it is important to know what you are treating. Therefore, reaching a diagnosis is essential.

Once a diagnosis has been made, thorough client education is essential. The more you know about your horse's condition, the more successfully we can manage or correct these problems over time.

Good communication and feedback over time is also important for the long term management of any equine athlete in this competitor/veterinarian relationship.