Legend, an anti-inflammatory for joint related issues.

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Legend is Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the major component of normal joint fluid. When it is placed within a specific joint it acts as a lubricant and a mild anti-inflammatory for that joint only. When it is given in a vein, it goes to all the joint capsules in the body. However, it does NOT go into any of the joints themselves, but merely attaches to anti-inflammatory receptors on the blood vessel side of the joint capsule. Here it is an even stronger anti-inflammatory than when placed within a joint! As it does not enter the joints, there is no lubrication effect when given intravenously(IV). Remember too, it is only an anti-inflammatory for joint related issues. It will not work for tendon, ligament or muscle problems like bute or banamine might. te

The duration of its anti-inflammatory effect when given IV is anywhere from 2 to 7 days maximum. Because it works well for these short periods and is a naturally occurring substance I consider it: “The bute for JOINTS that does NOT test.” In other words, it can be used during major USA Equestrian or FEI sanctioned competitions without fear of having a positive drug test. As it is also quite natural there is essentially no limitation on the amount that can be administered. Therefore, I give it up to every 48 hours during competitions, if necessary. I start the first dose 48 hours prior to competition in order to give it time to work.

Thus, if you are showing on Saturday, give it intravenously on Thursday. If necessary, give it again on Saturday then Monday and so on. The only down side is the cost. It can get expensive!

This is why long term planning to make sure your joints are in the best possible shape with proper ADEQUAN administration is so important. Legend and/or focused joint injections are more of a band aid type of treatment. However, with proper Adequan usage, these shorter term fixes will be less necessary, last longer and more importantly be more reliable at resolving the problem!

Remember, Legend will last only 2 to 7 days, then it is gone. There is NO long term benefit from Legend, unlike Adequan. Consider the two drugs like the Peace Corps Motto: “ Don't feed a country, teach a country to feed itself”. If you use Legend(HA), you've bought your joints a great dinner, use Adequan and let the joint make its own HA all the time!