The Equine Podiatry Centre

Optimizing the Art of the Verterinary-Farrier Relationship with Today's Technology

The foot is a very complex mechanism and perhaps the most important region for the veterinarian and farrier to manage for the horse to remain a sound athlete.

As such, it is imperative that you have a reliable team to manage yourhorse's condition in order to achieve success.
Craig T. Roberts, DVM, Inc is proud to announce the partnership of Mark Armbrecht of Tallwood Forge to our Podiatry Centre. Over 30 years of quality shoeing and teaching experience allow Mark to provide both excellent hands on work and more importantly the skills to communicate well to other farriers, veterinarians and clients.  As a team we seek to diagnose and treat your athlete with the intent of allowing your farrier to be empowered by our efforts to effectively manage your horse long term.

Teamwork, communication and good will to support your athletic goals!

To further our capabilities, we have added performance enhancement thru video gait analysis and the fine work of ONTRACK, Scott Lampert’s team: