First, let me state that I was not a student of Kendra's before I started participating in her jam class. I went with the intention of supporting a friend who is her student, looking to improve her skills. I think Kendra and I share the belief, jamming with others is the fastest way to improve one's skills. But there had to be something in it for me that would keep me coming back, and I found that instantaneously. Kendra has a way of infusing her teaching with the spontaneity, with the joy of playing music for music's sake that comes from being in the moment with others with the same goal - pleasure. As a semi-professional musician, I'd lost sight of that - PLAYING. Not WORKING on songs, but PLAYING, responding to whatever sounds are being created in the moment with the only goal that is to derive pleasure from the experience. I can't say how she does it, but the acceptance that I felt from the moment of walking into her studio the first time allowed me the space within myself to be present, to just play, but perhaps more important, to allow whatever doubts or, contrarily, thoughts of being accomplished in some manner - whatever mind-frame might influence my beliefs about who I OUGHT to be, be acknowledged, felt, and let go of and allow the pleasure of playing music be what is, right now. I think I'm a different musician since that first night. I think, in a very real sense, that the idea of play is much more present,not just in my music but in my life in general. So be forewarned! Having this teacher in your life is not just about learning an instrument, but a whole approach to life!— Jak BNot too long ago, I was looking for a mentor to help uncover, encourage and guide any untapped creativity I had in the musical realms of expression. I then met Kendra and jumped in to the discovery process. I have never received such a generous sharing of life force, encouragement and joy of learning from one person. As an adult, the reasons I want to play music are clear: I want to connect with others in meaningful, alive way. I wish to explore, play, create and encourage one another through fresh & creative, collaboration. A few months have gone by, and I love that I get to do this now…I feel SO lucky. Kendra is patient and fun and wise like a musical guru. She has shown me how to tap into the magic music has to offer and find something truly healing when I allow it in. She also playfully encourages me to jump into the things I might perceive as scary at first. There is true freedom and joy beyond those scary places…and a lot of laughter!

The private sessions and the Jam class are a perfect combination. The focus, the fun and the camaraderie of it all is very contagious to be around. It's like a playground for grownups appreciating new friends. There is a wealth of life essence in what each one of us brings. Jam class is like recess and your favorite class melded into one.— Carolyn HI learned SO much in Kendra's music improvisation class. Week after week she shared her deep knowledge of subjects like listening, tone, notes, melody, and space. She knows and speaks the universal in music, yet she also easily talks about and demonstrates specifics to each person on THEIR instrument. What I really loved was how safe I felt in her class busting out and trying new stuff--getting big! The atmosphere she created was truly magical. She is so sensitive and responsive to a person's skill level AND to how comfortable they are at stepping out and taking a solo, whether with voice, guitar, cello, keyboards or percussion. She has that rare ability to know when to encourage and when to challenge, while honoring the human spirit. I have played guitar for many years and learned tons on many levels in her 12-week class. I recommend it to anyone--beginner or advanced--who wants to experience a supportive and dynamic immersion in the world of playing improvised music. P.S. She is also a very fun-loving person--classes were a blast!— Greg T.Swaha! Studios is a place - well really it's a mindset, or heart space - a place physically that puts you in your heart and therefore in an open loving space in your mind. This is a space of openness, where you are safely supported in your journey into the depths of where music takes you. A space that allows you to be vulnerable to the degree you are comfortable with, in order to expand your music, your ability to communicate, your capacity to listen, and your humanness. It is a zone really - a magic zone where you allow yourself to be transported into a permanently altered perception of yourself that translates into calling yourself a musician, an artist.— Jane A.How does one capture a spirit, an essence, in words? That is my challenge in crafting a testimonial to the magic you have created with Jam Night, Kendra. The experience embraces dimensions of music, love, connection, vibration, fear, triumph, bliss, creativity, imagination, support, empathy...the list of FEELINGS is endless. But it all seems to point back to the primal connection of man and music, to the elemental essence of vibration at the core of existence. My journey connected me to Music through an instrument I had never before played, but which I have now come to love. I hunger to reconnect. Thank you for inspiring all who are blessed to know you. For you are Music.— Michael B.