Swaha! Private Music Experience - Portland Oregon

  • Kendra teaches cello, piano, guitar and voice to all ages, beginner to expert at Swaha! Studios in Portland, Oregon. But Kendra teaches far more than music... she teaches Life through Music.

    How? Well, much like yoga, Swaha! is a tangible, practical method that provides us with a simple way to gain freedom from our illusions and limiting habits. It utilizes one of the most powerful, pervasive, accessible modalities on the planet: music, to show us how to flow through the tension & release of life like we flow with the dissonance and consonance of songs. It's as effective as drugs and counseling without the negative side affects and costs. It shows us how to consciously FEEL our feelings and simultaneously BE the awareness that we are not our feelings. Then it goes one step further and assists us in literally changing our states of vibration so that we can live a life we choose to live with an excitement and power beyond our wildest dreams!

    Watch the videos on the "Video" tab, then schedule your own Swaha! Private Music Experience!

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