Swaha! Jam Experiences - Portland Oregon

Family Jams (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
This one is quickly becoming my personal fave...
Choose 2-4 hours on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and come on down to Swaha! Studios or I'll come to your house! Invite moms, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and pets. Sessions typically include rhythm jams, blues-style jams, pop, country and classic rock covers, and can certainly be specialized to your Musical desires. Total beginners, intermediate and advanced players welcomed.

Park Play (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
Think private music session meets summer camp. Come solo or bring up to 4 friends and we'll head to a shady spot in a park and dip our toes in the art of nonchalant performance art. Choose 2-4 hours on any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And yes, a potluck picnic can be arranged!

Jam Class (weekly) (21+)
Join us Thursday nights at 7pm for some serious silliness. We are rockin' out to all kinds of jams and covers and just about to start a new endeavor of songs from every decade from the 20's through the 2000's...like, 100 years of music!

10 Reasons to Jam Swaha! Style

1. Jamming, Swaha! style, creates relaxation and reduces inflammation in your mind, body and soul, WHILE you simultaneously absorb bite-sized-bits of musical wisdom...technique, theory, musicality, harmonies, rhythms, blends, phrasing, soloing, improvisation and oh so much more!

2. Jamming, Swaha! style, causes an increase in serotonin, oxytocin, awareness, peace of mind, vitality, forgiveness, inspiration, curiosity and child-like wonder.

3. Jamming, Swaha! style, is a totally unique experience, connecting you to the cosmos, your inner-child, AND humanity, and is offered nowhere else in the known universe.

4. Jamming, Swaha! style, allows you to intentionally flow with harmonies and tensions for hours while being in a warm, safe, gooey environment thereby reminding your whole being of the Truth of who you really are and of the very Flow of Life itself.

5. Jamming, Swaha! style, is known to cause spontaneous bursts of laughter and joy, silliness and sensuality...sometimes all at once.

6. Jamming, Swaha! style, is the cheapest massage for your soul this side of the Mississippi. 

7. Jamming, Swaha! style, blends mindfulness with music and science and bliss in a way that has never been blended in the history of history.

8. Jamming, Swaha! style, can really only happen in the special way it does if you, yes YOU, and your integral, intimate, wildly unique energy is present, regardless of what any inner gremlins may tell you.

9. Jamming, Swaha! style is the next best thing to orgasm, only it lasts for roughly three glorious hours. Oh, and you gain skills of playing a musical instrument, or two, or ten, while riding the wave of  musical surrender amongst fellow musical surfers.

10. Jamming, Swaha! style, comes with a massive amount of snacks, still left over from an epic beach weekend retreat, and while they may be slightly stale, are still a beautiful sight to behold and must be eaten!

So join us, for  music, friendship, and joy-filled growth, At Swaha! Studios Thursday evenings from 7-10:00pm. $40/class drop-in, 7-8pm acoustic, 8:30-10pm electric. Or contact Kendra to organize a Family Jam or some Park Play with your own group of friends.

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