Swaha! Group Music Experiences - Portland Oregon

The power of Swaha! Music is amplified in group settings, where anyone, at any level of musicianship, from strangers (promise you won't be strangers for long!) to corporate teams can learn to harmonize, solo or backup a soloist, even invent their own Music in a fault-free Music zone with support and instruction from Kendra throughout. For all those who have dreamed of playing music in a band, this may the opportunity of a lifetime. Try a Swaha! Jam Experience to see!

Group Music Experiences include:

1. 4 Hour Swaha! Workshop. Join a group of fellow musicians for a 4 hour exploration of one or more dimensions of Music, from groove, notes and articulation to dynamics, rhythm, tone, phrasing and listening.
2. 2 Day Swaha! Seminar. Bring a group of friends or associates to experience bonding through Music. Learn or improve on the instrument you have always most enjoyed playing. Learn to play and sing favorite songs of your group.
3. 5 Day Swaha! Retreat. Spend some time in Bali, Tahiti or Hawaii with friends or associates to experience the power of sound, Music and yoga in our lives, both as individuals and as a group.

Much like yoga, Swaha! is a tangible, practical method that provides us with a simple way to gain freedom from our illusions and limiting habits. It utilizes one of the most powerful, pervasive, accessible modalities on the planet: Music, to show us how to flow through the tension & release of life like we flow with the dissonance and consonance of songs. 

Prices shown per person. Watch the videos on the "Video" tab, then schedule your own Group Music Experience.