Who Is Kendra...really?

Posted at 8:56 pm on 12/03/2015
I am just a girl. A girl who loves to play the piano and the cello. A girl who loves to sing…LOVES to sing. A girl who loves to travel, to philosophize, to learn, to eat, to play, to struggle (yes, sometimes I love it), to relax, and to drink in life in dainty sips and then giant gulps. I am nothing special while I am totally unique. I am ultra-loving and judgmental. I am brave and afraid. I am energetic and lazy. I am genuinely happy and deeply sad. I am everything and nothing. And I have an incredibly interesting way of looking at life; a rare way of assimilating information in a way that unites the profane and the Divine; a powerful approach to living life in a way that is awake and all-encompassing. If I were a resort, I’d be all-inclusive-with-moderation. If I were a buffet, I’d be all-you-can-eat-until-75%-full.  If I were a cocktail, I’d be a virgin long island iced tea that gets you drunk on love. 

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