Swaha! Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

Posted at 11:30 pm on 12/07/2015 by Kendra Carpenter
The mission of Swaha! is to offer individuals, families, teams, corporations, groups, and the world the possibility of experiencing and cultivating peace of mind, body and soul through music. 

The vision of Swaha! is that humans experience the power of their true nature, the vastness of their infinite connection to others and their complete relationship to the entire cosmos. 

The guiding values of Swaha! are:
- Oneness, wholeness
- Love
- Possibility
- Clarity
- Acceptance
- Gratitude
        - Peace
The culture of Swaha! has these attributes:
- Heart guided
- Empowered
        - Relaxed
- Playful
- Creative
- Freedom Within Frameworks
- Students of Music and Life
- Everything is "figureoutable"
        - Respectful
        - Curious
        - Safe
        - Expansive

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