VGS 400 Vertical Growing System - Ocala Florida

VGS 400 Vertical Growing System

This vertical growing system is designed for patios and indoor growing.  The system is designed for families and indoor growers needing a small footprint system that produces fresh produce all year round. The system is lightweight and comes with a motor that turns the poles. We recommend using  400 watt induction lamps with a sun compensating ballast. The entire system can be solar powered with a 1,000 watt system. Our solar system has been custom  designed and tested by experts.

The system stands 7 feet tall and is 5' 4" in length and width.

This system comes with:
  • 80 - Air Pruning Bags that hold 2 gallons of media.
  • 80 - 2.5 GPH Emitters
  • 8 - 12 Place Manifold with Filter
  • Owners Manual