About: Sun State Organics

Brian C. Donnelly

Brian Donnelly is the Managing Partner of Sun State Organics, LLC. an Ocala Florida Manufacturer of Organic Solutions for Food, Soil and Energy Production.  Since founding the company in 2009, Mr. Donnelly, an expert in sustainable Agriculture, designed an integrated suite of equipment that converts organic waste into food, soil and energy, through composting, vermiculture, vertical growing and waste to energy digesters. 

Mr. Donnelly, is the inventor of the Growpol Vertical Growing System, a patent pending growing system, which has been approved and endorsed by a wide range of urban farming and gardening professionals worldwide.  Mr. Donnelly‚Äôs company, Sun State Organic is also a social enterprise.   Sun State Organics has partnered with nonprofit organizations assisting people with special needs, hunger and poverty issues.  Sun State Organics provides Vertical Growing systems to teach job skills, food independence and food security.  Sun State Organics has been recognized as one of the top 10 Sustainable companies worldwide by Sustainia and Sustainable Brands and has been featured by the media on several occasions.

Sun State Organics is a leader in Small Scale Organic farming which offers an inclusive waste to food and soil solution for anybody, anywhere.  The solution is scalable and modular and is a cost effective way to enable smallholder farmers to increase their productivity and income whilst protecting and improving the environment. 

Throughout his careers, Mr. Donnelly has been involved in both the public and private sectors through his involvement in City planning, sales, marketing and advertising, high technology consulting, system design and integrated manufacturing systems. 

As Chief Executive Office of his company, World Waste Systems (formerly Microlife, USA, Inc.), Mr. Donnelly created a company responding to the global need to process Municipal Solid Waste quickly and inexpensively whilst achieving recycling rates as high as 95%.  As CEO of Microlife USA the company was the first in USA history to pass Minnesota Class 1 compost standards.  Microlife USA was chosen by the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to pioneer the first environmental component to the Olympic Games in 1996.  The company achieve incredible 92% recycling record, which has not been broken to this day.

Mr. Donnelly served as Chairman on the City of Manchester, Massachusetts Planning Board , during which time 22 zoning bylaws were adopted, a comprehensive Master Urban Plan was approved and a number of environmental protection regulations were adopted and passed.

Additionally, Mr. Donnelly was Vice President of Sports Management International, a sports management company that provided sporting goods manufacturing, as well as on-site displays and licensing services in the former Soviet Union.  Mr. Donnelly served as a general partner for Donnelly Associates, a high technology management and consulting partnership that provided sales and marketing research, management consulting, integrated manufacturing systems and computer consulting services internationally. 

Previous to this he operated the Worcester Division of John Donnelly & Sons, an Outdoor advertising company.  Under his leadership, the company doubled its sales and achieved profit sharing for the first time in 35 years.

Mr. Donnelly has been seen on television, presenting to international audiences on a wide range of topics, is well traveled and is passionate about helping others.  Recently he has focused his energy on creating economical solutions to reduce costs, whilst increasing profits and providing positive social and environmental impact with his Waste to Taste Solution.

Mr. Donnelly has extensive expertise and knowledge in the Waste Management field enabling him to influence not just the Waste industry but also Agricultural and Environmental industry issues as well.

Mr. Donnelly enjoys playing bridge, reading, word carving and travel. He has a degree in Architectural Engineering.  He resides in Ocala Florida on his sustainable farm.