Services - Fort Collins Colorado

SOS specializes in commercial and retail properties between 5 and 30 acres in size. All of our services include a written site management plan custom to your site, service logging, and an account manager that is your direct contact for anything you need. 

Plowing - Our crews utilize the best equipment to clear your property safely and efficiently. Whether using a sectional snow pusher on a skid or front end loader or using a back drag blade our goal is to keep your property safe and to “get to pavement” as quickly as possible.

Sidewalk Plowing - The tools for servicing sidewalks and pathways are too numerous to list. The variations of demand are as unique as your property. Our team utilizes a full range of equipment and techniques to provide your site the service you need.

Ice Management - Successful ice management requires an encompassing plan. Beginning with placement of snow piles in your snow management plan and expanding to pre and post treatment options as well as the physical and environmental effects of chemical exposure to your hardscapes and landscapes. We will help design a strategy that protects your property and budget while maximizing effectiveness and safety.

Hauling - Occasionally even in Colorado we need to remove snow completely from a property in order to create room for additional snow piles or to eliminate issues arising from thaw and refreeze conditions.
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