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Your Last Chance Before Snow

October 28, 2017

Fall cleanup is usually perceived as a monumental task. You have two choices - call a professional or act like one. The following is Summit Outdoor Solutions recommendations (how we would do it) for a Fall Cleanup.Start Here:Walk the property and remove any dead branches or limbs you can reach. This is not pruning! Your time has passed for that and we will cover why in our BTW List.Remove all organic debris and mulch it for the spring. If you don’t have a mulcher - put it aside for the lawn mower. I shouldn’t have to say this but my attorney insists - only leaves, twigs, parts of healthy plants, etc. Lawn mowers don’t like pieces of thick wood and other heavy objects!Here is another “I shouldn’t have to say” this. Number 2 includes leaves. If not removed before the first snow it will beat down the grass and provide places for varmints leaving you with dead spots in the spring.Set your lawn mower lower and make the last cut of the year. We recommend around 3 inches. It...

New Services

August 25, 2017

Welcome to all of our current and future clients.Hey, Matt here and I want to thank everyone for an exciting first 10 Years. We have grown and learned allot from our clients and employees along the way.I am excited to relaunch the business and share with you my vision for the next 10.Although we have been informally offering services for residential and commercial customers regardless of season, it was time to get serious and reorganize our operations around 4 Service Lines.LandCare is our commercial maintenance service that helps Property Managers use their terra as a competitive advantage. Our colleagues have a difficult job and it is easy to buy on price. However experienced Property Managers know it leads to challenged landscaping companies going under and then dealing with the follow on emergency of hiring under duress. At the end of the day it was expensive to buy the cheapest and then replace them. That is why our motto is “We Own It”.TreeCare is our commercial arborist...