BackFlow Installation - Ocala Florida

Professional BackFlow Installation

What is Back-flow? The reverse flow of a non-potable source into a potable system, because a pressure differential exists where the pressure on the non-potable side is greater than the pressure on the potable side. Simply Put: " Used " water is pulled back into the main water supply. Technically: Water that has left the main water supply, then entered into your home business to intermingle with numerous contaminates and is no longer safe for drinking. Once this water is pulled back into the pipes in the wrong direction, it has the opportunity to mix with the clean drinking water, thus contaminating the entire towns water supply. Service Plumbing is a third generation company with years of experience in Ocala Back-flow Installation helping numerous home and business owners throughout Central Florida.

How Does Back-flow affect me?

Out of sight, all water pipes entering your home, the restaurant down the street, and your local hospital, are all connected to the same water supply. In your residence or business, any mechanically controlled use of water (ie: lawn irrigation, fire sprinkler system, pop machines, pedicure bowls etc) a " back-flow preventer " is a necessary accessory to your plumbing system. A back-flow preventer once the water pressure drops seals shut, not allowing any water to flow backwards in the wrong direction. The EPA mandates that all back-flow preventers be tested and certified one, sometimes twice per year, depending on the geographical location. Our certified med gas technicians can handle any commercial project big or small, Service Plumbing should be your first call!

Professional Back-flow Prevention

All back-flow prevention assemblies must be tested upon installation by a licensed back-flow prevention assembly tester and certified to be operating within specifications. Service Plumbing is a reliable plumbing company handling your Ocala's back-flow installation and repair needs. When you need a plumber who you can rely on, to get the job done fast or have any concerns about your home or business Service Plumbing is always happy to help. Call us at 1-855-789-5656 to schedule one of our professional technicians to inspect and come up with the best solution for your plumbing needs. We charge by the job not the hour to help you afford, to fix your problem quickly!