Rock Springs Run Trail Rides's Newsletter

Abous us... Fun!!

December 31, 1969

 Debbie Zito has owned and loved horses for over 50 years.  She and husband Jamie are both riders and own quite a few rescued or retired horses as well as the trail horses used for this ride.  We take pride in the care given our animals.  We both believe that horses enjoy having a  job to do if they are healthy and fit.Jamie ZitoJamie was raised in Fort Lauderdale until age of 21. At the age of 23 he moved to south central Florida where he worked as a guide and foreman for a cattle company that also outfitted hunters on Lake Kissimmee.  That is where he started riding and loving horses.  He moved to north central Florida ten years ago and started Village Air and Electric.  Jamie guides on weekends with Deb. Tammy Bischell has worked with horses for several years and is now going to be chief guide (and bottle washer) at Rock Springs Run Reserve.  She is a fun and very informative guide.  We welcome her aboard at our new location! Michele PetersMichele is a full time school teacher...