Roadside, Levittown, New York

Levittown, New York

Levittown, New York

Are you…

Locked out of your car?

Out of gas?

Stranded with a dead battery or flat tire?

It can be stressful and maybe even a little scary.

Who can you trust?

Roadside Express is a locally owned, light duty roadside assistance company that is one of the largest in the region. Our technicians can fix minor problems and get you back on your way, quickly and safely, for a reasonable price.

With 60 trained “techs”, someone is ready to assist you, 24/7. Featuring a digital dispatch system, Roadside Express, sends out their techs in no time. When they arrive they will provide the services you need and do it with professionalism and courtesy: locksmith, tire change, fuel delivery and battery jump or replacement.

Locksmith is licensed, bonded and insured. 
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