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Know what is happening in your hospitality establishment... even when you are not there

“Success is achieved through sacrifice and great attention to detail”
– Author Unknown

Now let's be honest here. Do you really know what is happening in your entire hospitality operation, if you are present or not...? The obvious answer is NO. You cannot be everywhere all the time. That's why you need Reed Roberts Marketing to be your eyes (and ears) on site to tell you what is going on.

Reed Roberts Marketing can provide you with critical information and insight about your hotel, resort, bed and breakfast or restaurant that can have a significant impact on guest satisfaction, loyalty and on line reviews. And what is equally as important is that Reed Roberts Marketing has the in-depth experience, specialized knowledge, and rich understanding of the hospitality industry to know  what to look for, where to look for it and how to best share this exclusive insight and data with you our client.

Our secret investigations can reveal theft, poor customer service, inadequate services, broken or damaged equipment, morale issues, curb appeal, competitive set analysis and much more. Together we will develop a secret investigation plan that will provide you with the data and advice you need to improve or sustain those all important guest satisfaction scores.

Our mystery shops can include the following (or not): * secret visit and interaction with  front (and/or back) of house (select employees or entire department) team members; * review and analysis of all food and beverage outlets; * secret visit to your competitive set (all or part); * evaluation of your product/service quality, value and ROI; *report on guest satisfaction process from reservation thru departure; * review and report on all guest amenities, perks and services; * recommendations on improving guest service delivery; * recommendations for follow up; * what challenges do you face...

The duration of our mystery visits and inspections will be customized to your specific property and based upon your needs, goals, challenges and issues. We can schedule a visit for a half day, full day, multiple days or even by telephone. We invite you to contact us and let's discuss how a visit from us will aid in future sales from today's demanding guests.

“Well done! The Marketing guidance you provided our General Managers was both informative and useful. I heard a number of positive comments on the material and our properties have seen a noticeable boost in business and customer satisfaction thanks to your direction. We look forward to working with you and Reed Roberts Marketing again...”

– Thomas Rayside, President (retired)
Peachtree Hotel Group, Atlanta, GA

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