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The solution is really very simple actually. If you want to increase the profitability of your hospitality organization you absolutely must partner with your customer and above all: Make sure that your customers love you. The best definition of marketing is “the profitable satisfaction of the needs and wants of your customers.” So, how are you doing with that effort...? One thing is for sure if your customer (or prospect) is not getting her needs met by your organization then you can be certain that your needs (read: prosperity, success) will not be met either. A customer-centric strategy throughout your company is of vital importance.

Not only is it imperative that you meet your customer's needs but you must do so in a distinctive way. In short you must differentiate your delivery from your competition. You must be distinctive. You have to stand out. The customer is not only looking to buy but is also looking for a positive experience along the purchase cycle with your  product or service. If you are memorable in the mind of your customer throughout the transaction not only will you secure this customer but she will tell others. And now you have more business for your business.

If your hospitality organization is to successfully market the product-service mix  it is absolutely essential that the marketing concept be fully understood and fully implemented. While understanding the concept might be simple, implementation poses a huge challenge for many. Now would be a good time to call Reed Roberts Marketing... here's how we can help you with that implementation phase of your marketing plans:

  • Market segmentation and positioning
  • Marketing plan development and strategic gap analysis
  • Identification and insight into penetration of emerging markets
  • Advertising positioning strategy and preparation (we've won awards for this)
  • Media, collateral and promotional planning
  • Analyze, review and direct personal selling process
  • Analyze and assist with Marketing organizational structure
  • Review, analyze and prepare appropriate marketing strategies, trends and best practices
  • What challenges and needs exist within your organization...?

“I have known Bob Marx for years and find him to be extremely knowledgeable in hospitality marketing. Bob has a keen and proven understanding of our business, with the proven ability to develop innovative and strategic marketing plans to put heads in my beds. Bob is also an excellent communicator and was extremely helpful in the implementation of a customer satisfaction plan for our hotel.”        

– Richard Harris, General Manager
Embassy Suites Chicago / North Shore

Reed Roberts Marketing • Lady Lake/Ocala Florida • 309.256.7976

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