Scalloping Season 2015

Posted at 8:18 am on 02/09/2015

Grab your snorkels, masks and fins and come stay with us during our 2015 Scalloping Season!  Imagine swimming along in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico only to happen upon the most brilliant, florescent blue eyes staring back at you!  60 to be exact!  Our deliciously delectable bay scallops stare right back at you from the grassy patches of the gulf floor.  Our freshly renovated Quality Inn Conference Center in Citrus Hills-Hernando, Florida is just 10 miles from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico!  Book your room with us today and join us for a fun, memorable scalloping excursion.

Unlike most mollusks, scallops can swim!  Don’t be surprised if you see one scooting at you through the waters as you snorkel around.  Be careful where you grab though…they do pinch!  Behind their bright baby blues sits the delicious, tender muscle that allows them to open and close.  This muscle, the adductor muscle, is the edible part.  Sautéed, baked, grilled or fried…anyway you cook ‘em, they’re sure to be delish!

Remember to be adventurous while you’re searching for these tasty treats!  You will also see horseshoe crabs, an array of fish species, stingrays, sea urchins, starfish and on a good day…the playful porpoises and Florida manatees that love the warm waters of the gulf!

Call us today to book your room for our 2014 Scalloping Season!  Our Crystal River, Florida hotel offers a delicious, hot breakfast each morning and after a long day in the salty waters come back and take a dip in our outdoor pool!  It’s the perfect ending to a perfect day!

Scalloping is truly a fun, family-oriented excursion that will surely allow you to make lasting memories!

2015 Scalloping Season Dates  

July 1, 2015 through September 1, 2015

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