Sterilization Engineer-Medical Device - Southeastern Florida

Salary: $80K but could go higher with the right qualifications, Range $70,000-$80,000

Education: Bachelors in Bio-Medical Engineering [BIM]

Type of Company/Products: Medical Device Manufacturing

Relocation Paid: Yes

Guarantee Period: 60 days

Years Experience: 3

Must have Engineering or Science (microbiology/biology) degree Must have 3 years of experience working with ethylene oxide sterilization. Any experience setting up a sterilization facility is a plus

Job Duties:
This engineer will be responsible for helping set up the company's brand new sterilization department. Ground breaking is set for January 2014. Once completed, this person will manage and maintain the company's sterilization cycles and equipment. This will include performing sterilization cycle evaluations and validations as well as auditing procedures.