Senior Process Consultant Metals Refining - Central Florida

Senior Process Manager Metal Refining
We are looking for a Sr. Process Consultant to join the Commissioning and Start-up joint venture team in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Senior Consultant - Commissioning and Start Up takes a lead role in the initial start up of the refinery and is a key adviser to the Commissioning and Start Up Manager.

The incumbent will be responsible for technical input and solutions during the start up activities to ensure in spec product on schedule.

The Senior Process Consultant will bring Company best practice from their field of expertise to the project for the start up period to the organisation.

Will provide leadership in the solution of plant technical problems within his field of expertise or in areas which may benefit from his wider Company process knowledge or expertise in design, troubleshooting and modelling.To become the custodian of all aspects of Process Technology within a Processing Area, keeping it secure and ensuring correct and appropriate implementation.

Reports directly to the Commissioning and Start Up Manager.

Builds strong relationships to the Commissioning Area Managers and the Refinery Technical Manager
Applies expertise in Company process technology to support Corp through a variety of methods, including leadership of related AWA Communities of Best Practice; Leads multi-disciplinary teams;
Provides technical support to task forces and problem solving teams; development of innovative Develops solutions to ensure a smooth start up and rapid ramp up.
Keeps the refinery technical group up to date with technology advancements and provides a training a mentoring role to junior engineers in their area roles.
Applies a fundamental aspect of work practices the concepts and philosophies of the Corp.Business System whether that be reducing waste through plant investigation and optimization or in project implementation or leveraging the value of Corp.people resources in technology transfer and troubleshooting