Project Engineer Electronics - Central Delaware

Project Engineer Electronics
Salary: $75,000-$95,000
Education: Bachelors, Electrical or Electronics
Type of Company: Process Analytical Instruments
Relocation: Paid
Years Experience: 5

BS Electrical or Electronics. 5+ years experience. Knowledge and/or experience: design operation and debugging of digital/analog electronic circuits, microprocessors and micro controllers, assembly language software, software in a high-level language (preferably C); product verification and validation testing; product safety and compliance standards, i.e., IEC, ATEX, Norht American; product, and packaging;, RFI, EMI, ESD; pcb design , layout manufacturing; use of electrical equipment in Hazardous areas.

Job Duties
Direct project technical resources, perform product design, development, testing; product development proposals; evaluate design quality and reliability; coordinate w/agencies for third party approvals; ensure product designs are compliant; prepare and review product related documentation