Maintenance Engineering Manager - Central Texas

Maintenance Engineering Manager
Salary Range: 90000 - 110000

Education: Bachelors Mechanical Engineering [ME]

Type of Company/Products: Refinery

Location: TX

Relocation Paid: Yes

Years Experience: 10


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (Experience, Education, and Special Certifications.)
1. Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or related field.
2. Ten years hands-on experience in a chemical manufacturing environment.
3. Five years€™ supervisory experience required.
4. Two years capital project management experience required.
5. Proficient with computer software applications, preferably Microsoft Office Suite and a computerized maintenance management system.
6. Flexible to occasionally work during off normal work hours to support operations.

1. Broad and extensive mechanical knowledge of pumps and valves, calibration and troubleshooting of sensors, flow meters, and other commercial plant equipment.
2. General knowledge of chemical plant safety requirements and protocols.
3. Professional and effective management/leadership skills.
4. Ability to articulate ideas and information verbally and in writing in a professional, clear and concise manner.
5. Strong and thorough troubleshooting, problem solving, and analytical skills.
6. Acts responsibly and takes accountability for safe work practices of self and maintenance employees.
7. Effective organizational skills.
8. Ability to work well under pressure and execute competing demands effectively in a fast paced work environment.
9. Ability to follow up and follow through with assigned work tasks on a timely basis.
10. Ability to interact effectively and professionally with all levels of employees and external vendors.
11. Ability to handle and maintain confidential and sensitive information.
12. Attentive listening skills.
13. Ability to take the initiative to carry out assigned duties with general direction.

Job Duties:

This position manages all aspects of plant maintenance activities of plants batch and continuous chemical production facility. This position provides leadership and technical expertise to the maintenance staff. This position develops and implements long range maintenance plans as well as manages some capital expenditure projects and installation of equipment.

1. Manages all plant maintenance activities at chemical production facility including, but not limited to, predictive, preventive, emergency, and routine maintenance. Develops and manages a program of scheduled and emergency maintenance, and maintains a system of predictive and preventive maintenance ensuring that plant equipment operates efficiently to reduce production downtime. Performs Root Cause Failure Analysis on equipment failures. Works with production management to develop and implement plans for plant downtime for scheduled maintenance of equipment. Develops and implements procedures and standards for plant equipment and other plant facilities. Prepares and communicates to management updates on maintenance activities through daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

2. Manages the activities of maintenance staff ensuring that maintenance activities support production needs in an efficient and safe manner. Supervises the work of maintenance staff engaged in the installation, maintenance, operation and repair of pumps, valves, pipes, shafts, gears, equipment, machinery and related items used in production related activities. Determines schedules and assignments for maintenance work activities based on task priority and skills of personnel. Follows through with Maintenance team lead to make sure that maintenance projects are on schedule for completion. Inspects completed work and ensures that work is completed properly. Ensures that new maintenance employees are properly oriented and trained on maintenance and all safety procedures and practices. Arranges for employees€™ training in safety, repair, and maintenance techniques, operational procedures, and equipment use. Follows through to ensure that all maintenance employees complete all the required safety training including Computer Based safety training to meet compliance standards. Assigns overtime as required to meet production requirements. Contacts maintenance employees to handle emergency, off duty equipment repairs.
3. Develops long range maintenance plans, prepares budget, and oversees maintenance projects and assigned capital projects and installation of equipment in our batch and continuous chemical processing plant submits for approval .maintenance budget to coincide with planned maintenance and production activities. Oversees assigned capital projects ensuring that they are executed per budget and timeline. Prepares bid package and solicits bids from outside contractors and oversees all outside contractor activities. Authorizes the purchase of materials for maintenance projects. Prepares cost estimates on proposed projects. Reviews project plan to create a schedule, equipment needed, and staffing requirements.

4. Provides direction and leadership fostering a positive, proactive, and productive work environment for the maintenance employees to achieve department objectives. Recruits and selects new employees as needed. Holds maintenance employees accountable for his/her conduct, productivity, and compliance with all Company policies and procedures. Counsels employees on substandard work performance and coaches employees on how to correct job-skills deficiencies. Addresses substandard work performance, Company policy violations, and inappropriate behavior in a fair and timely manner. Manages the human resources activities for maintenance employees including bi-weekly time sheet approval and requests for time off. Prepares and delivers an evaluation of employee€™s job performance as required in a timely manner.

5. Manages the maintenance records, equipment files, repair documentation, and Process Safety information ensuring complete and accurate records. Utilizes a computerized maintenance management system to monitor and track work requests, preventive maintenance work performed, work scheduling, supplies, and equipment information. Performs timely review of all maintenance work orders and initiates follow up work order and discrepancies.

1. Keeps abreast of current emerging technical developments with Company equipment through attending workshops, seminars, and reading technical literature.

2. Completes other assignments and projects to meet business needs.

BUSINESS CONTACTS: Internal: a. Frequent daily contact with maintenance employees to provide guidance and direction on maintenance project work. b. Frequent daily contact with Vice President, Operations to set daily proprieties and resolve issues. c. Frequent contact with Operations Manager to set daily priorities, resolve problems, and schedule daily and weekly maintenance work. d. Regular contact with Technical Manager to solicit support for design criteria and engineering support. e. Occasional support from Process Technicians as needed for plant access. External: a. Frequent contact with vendors, contractors, and engineering professionals for updates on progress of capital expenditure projects.

SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY Maintenance Team Lead, Electrician, Welder, Mechanic, and Maintenance Helper