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Marydia Water & Sanitary Sewer Improvements Phases 1, 2, & 3 (TOHO Water Authority ( Kissimmee, FL)

Project Description: Installation of approximately 16,176 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer main and seventy-three (73) sanitary manholes, including two hundred and ten (210) 6-inch sanitary sewer laterals (singles and doubles), two (2) sewer main connections to existing manholes, approximately 1,565 linear feet of 4-inch, 1,230 linear feet of 8-inch potable water main, 695 linear feet of 10- inch potable water main, five (5) fire hydrant assemblies, four (4) water main connections to an existing water main, including thirty-nine (39) water services, approximately 28,170 square yards of asphalt roadway replacement, one (1) new duplex wastewater lift station, 1,280 linear Feet of 6-inch wastewater force main, pressure testing, permitting requirements, and restoration and site clean-up.

For further questions on this project, please contact 

Carl West, Vice President 

352-726-3940 EXT 210

352-423-4962 (Direct Line) 

Pospiech's Bid No. 17-028
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Deer Path Subdivision (Located in Marion County, FL)

For further questions on this project, please contact 

Miriam Cedeno, Chief Estimator 

352-726-3940 EXT 202 

(Waiting for Notice of Award)

Pospiech's Bid No. 17-020

Villages of Amazon South Force Main (Bradenton, Manatee County, FL)

Engineer: Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.  

Project Description: Includes but not limited to: Provide all labor, equipment, and materials for construction of force main.

For further questions on this project, please contact 

Carl West, Vice President 

352-726-3940 EXT 210 

Pospiech's Job File No. 7015


North 2 Utilities Ext. Contract 10 (City of Cape Coral, FL)

Project Description: This project consists of constructing water transmission mains, irrigation water transmission mains, force main transmission mains, gravity sewer mains, storm drain replacement, fiber optic conduit, restoration, and road restoration. 

For further questions on this project, please contact 

Jessica Poyner, Project Manager

352-726-3940 EXT 204 

Pospiech's Job File No. 7016

Force Main 1M Replacement (Manatee County, FL) 

Project Description: The work generally consists of the replacement of the approx. 11,500 LF of 24" and 3,200 LF of 30" DIP force main with 27" and 36" high density polyethylene pipe, the construction of 2,515 LF of 18" PVC force main, and to construction a 2" through 8" force main connections. 

Project Location: Force Main 1 M, 8720 44th Avenue West (Cortez), Bradenton, FL 

For further questions on this project, please contact 

Gary Braken, Project Manager

352-726-3940 EXT 216

Pospiech's Bid No. 17-018 (Low Bidder) 

Lake Davis to Lake Greenwood Drainage Improvements, (City of Orlando, FL)

Project Description: The Construction of storm sewer improvements and reconstruction of Hyer Avenue and Elmwood Street from Lake Davis North to the intersection with Elmwood Street then east along Elmwood Street to Lake Greenwood. Included will be new storm pipes, manholes, inlets, and an adjustable control structure connecting Lake David to Lake Greenwood, as well as the replacement of sanitary sewer lines and laterals. The reconstruction of Hyer Avenue will be brick replacement. The reconstruction of Elmwood Street will be brick replacement up to the intersection will Mills Avenue then will be pavement reconstruction from the intersection of Mills Avenue to the Cul-de-sac at Lake Greenwood. 

"Living Wages" Apply-to comply with the City of Orlando
Duration: 270 days

For further questions on this project, please contact 

Carl West, Vice President 

352-726-3940 EXT 210 

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