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-Pleasantville Park | Ocala, Florida

Pleasantville Park, Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Ocala, Florida

Pleasantville Park in is a thirty-five acre park. The ideas about free play and the need for children to re-engage with nature and the outdoors have a significant role in the newly created master plan for Pleasantville Park.

With the need to promote outdoor play on a very limited budget, doing more with less translated into: How can we get people excited about this existing wooded park and not break the budget? We took the simple approach of solving safety issues, opening views into wooded areas by clearing underbrush, and updating play equipment, and are excited about dusting off this jewel of a park.

At Pleasantville, a two acre portion of the park is becoming an energized play area for children. Even before the new play area was designed, we found that the wooded area was being used for general play. Previously, the area was heavily overgrown and presented visual barriers, which deterred children from entering the woods.

Now, with minimal maintenance and removal of unsafe items, children are encouraged to explore and discover the flora and fauna of this protected open space.

New play units that focus on the adventure theme with climbing apparatuses and agility stations are in the plans, and future elements include high ropes courses, wall climbing, and other activities that fit the existing site.
However, it is the wooded envelope that is capturing the imaginations of the children in a pleasantly unexpected way.

Pleasantville Park is a unique park for both residents and visitors in this region. With the absence of city noise it is hard to believe that you are visiting a park right in the middle of a city.

Preserving as much of this green space as possible for future generations is one goal of protecting places like Pleasantville Park. By implementing recreation improvements that have a low impact on the surrounding setting, simple play spaces are being created and open space is being protected for current and future outdoor enthusiasts.

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