Refund Policy

Plant Spirit Botanicals 

Product Disclaimer: 

Because anyone can react to anything, please use common sense and try a small test patch first. To be sure it is safe for YOU, apply a very small amount of cream onto a small test spot on your skin away from sensitive areas to ensure you dont have a reaction. 

KEEP OUT OF EYES. Wash hands before and after use.

Do not use creams with latex condoms--vegetable & essential oils break down the integrity of latex.

Majority of our products are therapeutic strength (very strong) so a little does go a long ways! There is no alcohol or solvents to force oils to absorb into skin instantly. Please allow an extra minute to rub and work into skin. "A dab will do ya" is really true with our products. Take a moment to rub creams into skin completely or use very small amount spreading a super thin layer to sit on skin as a protective layer.

Care of Product: 

Our plant-based therapeutic moisturizers are perishable and have a shelf life that varies depending on ingredients, essential oil concentrations as well as, how it is cared for. Please USE the products within 45-60 days for best results. All oils and fats do go rancid with time. This simple fact is often overlooked by consumers when it comes to cosmetics and what we put on our skin. Commercially made products are chemically stabilized & preserved to prevent detection of rancid oils. 

Keep creams in a cool place or in refrigerator for longer-term storage. 


Keep your fingers out of container. This is true of all cosmetics.

Refund/Return Policy: 

100% satisfaction guaranteed within 30 days from ship date or your money back. 

We understand that anyone can react to anything unexpectedly and that sometimes products just don’t work out. We will exchange or refund your purchase with a receipt and the reason for your return in writing. Shipping & handling is excluded from refund. Please call us at 707.888.7919 and let us know what the problem is. We will promptly process your exchange or start the process for your refund. Naturally, we cannot take returns on overly-used products.

Please note, it can take up to 3 weeks for your refund to appear on the credit card. and the credit card company charges Plant Spirit Botanicals $30 reverse charge fee.  We take our money-back-guarantee seriously. We believe you will be so satisfied with our hand-crafted products and their quality that we offer a return policy that allows you to feel confident about trying our products.

For your information: Federal Civil Law Code 1723 regarding the refund of cosmetics states that, by its nature, cosmetics are not considered returnable. Once a product is opened, it cannot be returned or resold by law. Regardless of this law, we will honor your written request for a full refund of the product(s) purchased if you are not fully satisfied

Refunds will be credited to the original credit card used for payment. 

Purchases of gift certificates and sale items cannot be returned for a refund.