Luxurious Lavender Cream - Covelo California

Our Luxurious Lavender Blossom Cream soothes & calms your skin and spirit. 

Lavender Cream is for all skin types and is safe for use during pregnancy, on infants and children. This is more than just a scented lavender cream. We use a high concentration of true steam-distilled essential oil & hydrosol of lavender buds gently capturing the plant’s healing spirit.  We never use WATER like other creams & lotions on the market. This is as pure as you can get. This food for your skin is free of all chemicals & preservatives making it exceptionally safe to absorb (into your blood stream). Only the highest quality food-grade ingredients are used to create the most non-toxic medicinal cream available to feed your skin. Made fresh to order and sold in small amounts to preserve quality. We hope you enjoy our Luxurious Lavender Blossom Cream every day.