Greetings from the Garden!

Posted at 9:33 am on 01/12/2015 by Crystal Rae Aleman
June 2015 - New Moon 
I am so excited to start my first blog & newsletter! I know blogs are sort old news but I hope you will enjoy the information and pictures I want to share so you will want to check back frequently to see what we are up to. 

 We have been super busy with milestones the past several months. We took 1st & 2nd Place at the December 2014 Emerald Cup out of over 80 entries in the Topicals Division! That was so exciting. I couldn't believe it was really happening! CannaSpirit's Amazing All-in-One First Aid Cream took 1st Place while our Icy n' Hot Muscle Soother placed 2nd. We were so proud along with our family and friends, several of whom expressed, 'not being surprised'. They are already true believers from what their eyes have seen and their skin has experienced.

Next, a rare rental opportunity for Covelo became available. We immediately put down a deposit and waited for the space to be remodeled. We have moved from home-shop manufacturing to a commercially zoned space we can manufacture our products in! Emilio built me custom work benches to accommodate my short frame. My arm does not get so tired so fast now. Great improvements. 

We hired Will of Blue Arc, just a few doors down, to make some custom security bars for the double window & doors that faces the street traffic. I will post a picture of the awesome creation when we get them installed. Currently, I have been painting them when it cools down at night.

The gardens have been keeping us very busy this spring. I harvested the first cuttings from all the Lemon Balm. I steam-distilled the lemon balm fresh and it produced a wonderful hydrosol with just over 3ml of essential oil! Such an uplifting scent! The next day, on the full moon, I made it into a cream with coconut, sesame and hazelnut oils - all organic - along with some local beeswax from my friend Betsy. Feeling Hot? Need a Lift? Try some Lemon Balm Lift! 

It has been around 100 degrees a lot lately. Lavender is next....Check back soon!

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