I would like to thank the numerous teachers that have contributed to my current knowledge-base and path of Plant Spirit Botanicals.

First, thanks to Linda. Our paths crossed in Corvallis at the 'Co-op'. I never will forget the day she told  showed me how to pick "this really helpful weed", Plantain, infuse it in organic olive oil for a few weeks starting on a new moon, strain it on the full moon and then put the infused oil on my eczema. At that point I was miserable & tired of the huge prescription cortisone creams, I would try anything. The success of that oil, opened up a whole new door. I I bought my first Herbal Book at the 'co-op' the next week. That was the spring of 1983. I have never seen Linda again. I am now a Certified Herbalist.

Next in my journey, were two amazing and insightful N.D. Doctors who influenced me and helped shape my views of health, wellness and what was possible, Dr. Daniel Hart and Dr. Mitch Stargrove. Both Doctors were equally instrumental in my journey of well-being and dramatically changed my life for the better. Many of theIr words & phrases stuck in my mind and have stayed with me. I owe my legal name change to Dr. Hart. His insight and bold suggestion would become a profound change, shaping my journey. have integrated both their inputs & suggestions over the years keeping them close to my heart. Just like Linda, they may never know how much they taught me and what a difference they made along my path. 

Then there was Herb School, The Class of 2000. 

Thank you to all the staff at the California School of Herbal Studies: Karen, Gail, James S., James G., David H., Leslie G., 7Song, Autumn, Diana, Beth and many others. Your influence is unmeasurable! I have moved far beyond the hand-whisking of herbal-infused olive oil & herbal teas into concoctions for my screaming skin conditions, so familiar before my participation at that school. Now, I consider myself a Cream Master. Through herb school & it's network of herbalists, I gained numerous insights about myself and others, as well as how to manage my skin conditions from the 'inside' out. My skin looks years younger now, than it did when I was in my 20's! I have spent the last 25 years continuing to learn, while actively working with all kinds of folks as an Herbalist, helping others along their own paths of health & well-being. 

Thank you to the Pacific Institute for Aromatherapy and Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt. Their home-study course, materials, published books and articles, combined with The PIA Conferences & printed Proceedings over the years, has been instrumental in my understanding and depth of Aromatherapy. I have been greatly inspired on many levels. What I have learned through Pacific Institute has been integrated into the foundation of my work and given me confidence as an Aromatherapist. 

Thank you to All the Instructors and Guides who I have had the honor of participating as a student in one or more of your workshops & classes. 

Thank you to All the Amazing Women who teach, share & inspire each other through the Northern California Herbal Women's Symposium. I think of all you sisters and see your strong faces while I'm working in my lab.

Thank you to Mary Pat Palmer and Matthew Wood for your collaboration & teachings in Mendocino County.

‚ÄčThank you Karen Sanders for your teachings & consistent effort producing an extremely informative & inspiring show each week!

Thank you Elliot Cowen for the amazing meditation experience and the teachings of Plant Spirit Medicine. I was able to recognize it was ok to listen and that I had been listening ever since I was a young girl exploring my nearby desert canyons (small ravines now as an adult). I wasn't crazy. Thank you for permission to trust it.

Thank you United Plant Savers for your work and speaking up for the plants!

Thank you to my supportive family, especially my husband & best friend, Emilio, and my long time mentor, Wanda Munn! I am so grateful for your kindess. You have all taught me so much and inspire me to do and be my best.

Thank you to all my customers for supporting Plant Spirit Botanicals! Thank you to my loyal & vocal customers, & Sisters of Support & Encouragement: Betsy, Carol, K., Mary Jane, Monelle, Monica, Paula, Peggy-O & Terra Jean. Your support has greatly been appreciated and felt. It has not gone unnoticed! I did not get here by myself. Thank you Sisters! I am blessed to have had many teachers, friends and supporters over the years.

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