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Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

May 22, 2014

Fall is settling in to the Louisville, KY area faster than we care to admit and with that the holidays are creeping up as well. As you prepare to have holiday parties and family members staying with you, you may be rethinking how you use the space in your home and what you can do to make it more efficient. One of the most popular home renovations is a bathroom remodel and believe it or not, it’s not always an expensive construction project. There are a lot of reasons people choose to remodel their bathrooms. The top three most popular reasons Louisville, KY homeowners gave us are:1.  Invest in the future of your home: A bathroom remodel has the potential to yield a 60 percent return on investment if you’re planning on selling you home in the future. Not only will you get to enjoy a more luxurious space, you may also reap the benefits of more cash when you sell your home.2. Improve space and efficiency: Think about the space and design of your bathroom.  Could you replace those...

Signs Something Might be Wrong with Your Water Line

May 22, 2014

Most of the time, Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana homeowners are responsible for the condition and maintenance of their water line leading from their water meter and their home. And while these main sewer lines are designed to last for decades, they do tend to be prone to rust, corrosion and damage – particularly in older homes. If your main sewer line fails, you’ll need to have it repaired by a professional. Fortunately, new technologies, including trenchless pipe repair, make sewer line repair a much less painful procedure.Since your sewer line is located underground, it can be difficult to see when you need to have it repaired. So how do you know if your water main line needs to be serviced by a professional?  Some signs are far more obvious than others, including:Visible water leakage in your yardCollapsed ground or sidewalks near your propertyReduced water supply in your homeOf course, these are all serious signs of water main failure and indicate that you should call...

Emergency Plumbing Issues

May 22, 2014

Call A Professional When You Have Emergency Plumbing IssuesWhether you have a plumbing leak, sewer back up, or some other plumbing catastrophe it is sometimes best to talk to a professional who knows how to properly and quickly take care of the problem before it becomes an even large catastrophe.Sometimes what you think is a small problem can actually be the result of a much larger problem. For example, maybe you have noticed a little moisture under your kitchen sink and aren’t too concerned about it. But what if the actual leak is draining into the wood between your kitchen and the lower level of the house.  If you continue to ignore the dampness that you see, there is a possibility of causing major damage that you can’t see . . . . at least not yet!Another common plumbing emergency is when a toilet overflows. If this happens to you, you should first turn off the water right away, then call a plumber. You should also turn your water off first and call for help second in the...