Our knowledge of hardwood is solid.
We know hardwood. We understand the features, advantages and benefits that make it a solid flooring choice – one of America’s most popular. Which is why we want you to know. We want you to know all about hardwood; to understand and experience this versatile product so you can decide if it’s the smartest flooring choice for you. Hardwood certainly answers the need for beauty in your home. 

The elegant look of a hardwood floor can add warmth and character to any room. In fact, the natural characteristics of wood add depth and a visual appearance that many other types of floors can only try to duplicate. Rich, inviting hardwood floors are not only beautiful to live with, they’re easy to care for, and can add value to your home at resale time. Plus, today, hardwood types, options and applications are more diverse and delightful than ever. As the consumer demand for hardwood floors has grown, so has the manufacturer's ability to produce better quality finishes and superior construction techniques. The result of those advancements is that wood floors can now be installed throughout the home and over a wide variety of subfloors.

Support for USA made hardwoods

It is our goal to continue to have a high ratio of North American hardwood and laminate flooring because we believe in strengthening American companies and the American economy. We also believe that having the best looking designs and styles in our assortment is of paramount importance to our customers.

Many flooring design trends tend to originate in the USA and then travel to other countries. The USA has a certain edge in design, styling and quality compared to many laminate and hardwood imports.

We support USA hardwood!  When you buy American, you are getting a better product.

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