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Parelli Shop

The right tools make all the difference. From lead ropes to halters, from bits to bridles, from saddles to sticks, from balls to… well, you see where we’re going with this. In this category, you’ll find everything you’ll need to dramatically improve your communication skills, your savvy, and your partnership with your horse.

Parelli students are so eager to learn and progress, it’s absolutely inspiring. We want to make sure that each of our students has access to the education they want and need, so we offer a wide range of educational DVDs – from introducing the Parelli program all the way up to high-level, topic-specific products, and everything in between – featuring Pat and Linda Parelli and many other world-class horsemen and women.

From jackets to T-shirts to caps, our Parelli branded clothing is both stylish and functional. The custom tailoring and extra features of our warm and lightweight jackets keep the cold at bay. Our 100% ring spun, soft jersey cotton tees will bring a smile to your face, and to everyone else who sees the bold graphics and catchy text. Top off your outfit and protect your face from the sun with a Parelli visor or baseball cap.